We Are a Very Strong Team

After working in the Sales Industry for 15 years and earning valuable experience, our CEO, Hasan C. Orhan, founded Contaxer in November 2017. After identifying common management issues arising in the sales tools used by agents, Contaxer came up with a CRM solution like no other; the basis of this ultimate CRM software is to reduce time spent on carrying out sales and boosting efficiency of the processes involved.

Hasan Can Orhan brings more than 15 years of experience to the table. His knowledge guides the Contaxer team to focus on achieving one single goal, to make people’s lives easier!

Our Mission

At Contaxer, our mission is to help you save time so you sell more!

Our Vision

To bring the best sales professionals and the clients together across the world.


As CEO and Founder of Contaxer, Hasan is responsible for developing the corporate strategy and the operational leadership of Contaxer. He has over 15 years of experience working at multinational companies as a Sales Executive in the Technology, Telecommunications, Finance and Insurance industries. Hasan has a proven track record of profitable growth and satisfied customers.
Being a natural leader, Hasan designs the company’s strategies as a key driver to achieve business visibility, process improvement and achieve profitable results. Hasan has a BA degree in Labor Economics and Industrial Relations from Uludag University.

Niyazi closely follows new technologies and leads change and progress. He has previously worked as an expert in the development of various portals and data centers, uses more than 10 years of PHP and Python technologies to develop Contaxer.
As a senior back-end developer, Niyazi is responsible for designing of system architecture and software development.

As a back-end developer, Buğra is a member of the Contaxer team. He has been taking software development courses at Istanbul Science and Arts Center since the 4th grade of primary school and currently under graduation at Istanbul Technical University in Electronic Engineering.
At Contaxer, he is responsible for cyber-security and data visualization.

Utku, an idealist linguist, is responsible for developing the customer experience at Contaxer. After worked at Netflix as an interpreter in Turkey, participated in Contaxer crew making a radical career change.
Utku is certificated from the California Institute of Arts as well as holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian Language and Literature from Istanbul University.



Istanbul, TURKEY

San Francisco, CA, USA